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Content is an Essential Part in the Continuum of Digital Marketing

Web service is the basis of company's online visibility and presence. Good content always works better if it is built on a high-quality platform.

With LianaCMS you can implement and manage company websites for different purposes with the desired layout. Web service with good content is, however, only the first step in the continuum of digital marketing. LianaCMS belongs to the Liana Marketing Cloud digital product family. With these integratable products, you can realize all your digital marketing. You don't have to settle only for a website and LianaCMS - with our help, you can manage also other parts of digital marketing.

Why Should You Buy Software as a Service?

Why Should You Buy Software as a Service?

Digital communication tools acquired as cloud service work seamlessly together and scale according to need.

Cloud service advantages:

  • Automatic updates ensure that the user always has the latest version of the software.
  • Service on telephone, by email and on online chat: Our professional support team is always happy to help.
  • Content management system is used with browser: Across borders, anywhere, anytime.
  • One supplier, one customer support. We ensure that everything works.
  • Systems that work together and naturally integrate.
  • User-friendliness. Tools that have been created for professionals in marketing and communications, not for the IT department specialists.

What our customers think

Our co-operation has been flexible and smooth. The planning and technical implementation went very well and our requests were listened to. The contact person knew all the time where we were in the project and was also aware of the following steps. We are extremely happy with the result!
Tobias Gustafsson Chips Ab, Junior Product Manager
Managing the mobile version with LianaCMS does not require any extra work from the editors since news, columns, blogs and editorials are automatically updated from the paper's website. Mobile brings the website to readers' mobile and other devices in a reader-friendly format.
Erkki Kostiainen Qualified Chemist, Editor-in-Chief, Association of Finnish Pharmacies

Interested in LianaCMS?

Interested in LianaCMS?

Contact us, ask for a demo and get to know LianaCMS better.

By letting us know that you are interested, you will get a free introduction to LianaCMS – either face to face or even online. We promise that once you see LianaCMS, you will not be disappointed! 

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