Analytics driven content management

Analytics-Driven Content Management

Analytics-Driven Content Management Samuli Tursas Legible analytics is an important tool for the user updating the content. LianaCMS is unique in this respect. Samuli Tursas CEO, Liana Technologies

LianaCMS combines analytics to the admin view in an unique way. Analytics tools that scan visitor flow are often difficult to read and getting the overall image is not easy – especially if you do not have the time needed for familiarizing with the subject. This is why we have brought analytics as part of LianaCMS admin view. LianaCMS shows you with one glance your site's pros and cons and you can continue developing your site alongside your daily updating routines.

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Built-in Search Engine Optimization

Built-in Search Engine Optimization

Right from the start, LianaCMS has been built keeping search engines in mind. Plain language urls that are automatically generated and easy-to-use search engine optimization tool built in the user interface ensure that the site is found by serach engines and looks good in search results. A good example of this is that many of Finland's leading SEO companies recommend using LianaCMS for website implementation in their customer projects.

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What our customers think

Our co-operation has been flexible and smooth. The planning and technical implementation went very well and our requests were listened to. The contact person knew all the time where we were in the project and was also aware of the following steps. We are extremely happy with the result!
Tobias Gustafsson Chips Ab, Junior Product Manager
Inspired by the new opportunities that came along with the new publication system, LianaCMS, the planning of the site started from the user's world, i.e. from the solutions provided for the customers not forgetting the products. The new system gives us better possibilities to share pictures, videos and other content.
Seija Ijäs-Laamanen Marketing Manager, Nylund Group

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Interested in LianaCMS?

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