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Websites for Big and Small Companies

Websites for Big and Small Companies Samuli Tursas Website's role in the marketing palette of our customers has changed towards being more interactive. Naturally also LianaCMS keeps up with these changes. Samuli Tursas CEO, Liana Technologies

With the help of LianaCMS you can build company or community website in a modern way: effectively, with style and as mobile-friendly. Thanks to scalability, LianaCMS is suitable for both a small company's website and for a global enterprise's multisite with several language versions. Numerous plug-ins and the customization possibility enable using it for as extensive or light entities as needed, with the desired layout.

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Mobile-Friendly Implementation

A mobile-friendly site can be built in different ways: As responsive with a site structure that adapts to different end devices or as separate mobile-version. In both cases we have thought about the site visitor, the creative partner who desigs the visual appearance and the user who updates the site. Updating the site is simple and the content is uploaded only once despite a separate mobile-version. The browser of the site always sees the version that is optimized to the device in use, which makes the site easy to navigate and which in turn does justice to the site content. 

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Examples of Implementations

Website Case

Website Case Elina Antila Our expectations towards the project have been fulfilled well. Developing our own websites requires that we’re constantly awake and anticipating what the future brings. Elina Antila Head of Communications, FINE

The Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureu (FINE) wanted to start a digital makeover for their website. Their goal was to create a user-friendly website which would enable visitors to find the needed information easily and fast.

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What our customers think

Our goal was to create our new company a fresh, minimalistic and at the same time modern website. We wanted to stand out from the others with a new and professional look but at the same time to create a site where information can quickly be found. The ease of updating was the most important criterion in choosing the platform.
Kim Lehtola KFS Finland Ltd.
Inspired by the new opportunities that came along with the new publication system, LianaCMS, the planning of the site started from the user's world, i.e. from the solutions provided for the customers not forgetting the products. The new system gives us better possibilities to share pictures, videos and other content.
Seija Ijäs-Laamanen Marketing Manager, Nylund Group

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Interested in LianaCMS?

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