Websites Elina Kiiski The new website genuinely looks like Antell and serves the user in the desired way. Our requests and wishes in regards to the features of the site were listened to throughout the project. Elina Kiiski Marketing Coordinator, Antell Restaurants Ltd.

Thanks to scalability, LianaCMS is suitable both for small companies with a basic website and for global enterprises using a multisite with several language versions. With our tool you can realize a company or community website in a modern way - effectively, with style and as mobile-friendly. On a modern website, information is updated at a fast rate while, at the same time, being easy for the user to manage. 

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E-Paper Erkki Kostiainen Managing the mobile version does not require any extra work from the editors. News, columns, blogs and editorials are automatically updated to mobile from the E-paper. Erkki Kostiainen Qualified Chemist, Editor-in-Chief, Association of Finnish Pharmacies

With LianaCMS's E-paper you can easily create an online paper to serve the reading habits of people who actively use the internet and meet the need of constantly updating information. Publishing articles and updating new information to the online paper is simple and fast, and a tool integrated to the E-paper makes also sharing the information easy.

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Facebook Page

Facebook Page Juho Mattila Companies often do not know that it is possible to build a Facebook page using the same publishing system. This is how it is possible to manage both the website and FB page from the same platform. Juho Mattila Business Director, Marketing Automation, Liana Technologies

With LianaCMS you are able to build Facebook pages that are in accordance with your company's corporate image and that are easy to update from the same admin view as the company's main website. By using the same platform, you save time and resources and, at the same time, make the company's SoMe implementation in a professional manner.

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Campaign Site

Campaign Site Kira Kojola The campaign sites have been an excellent addition to our marketing. Responsive sites are contemporary and managing and modifying campaigns is easy with LianaCMS. Kira Kojola Brand Manager, Lotus, region North, SCA Hygiene Products Ltd.

With LianaCMS you can swiftly create different campaign sites that have the layout and features you desire. You can add dynamic features to support your campaign, for example votings, competitions, forms, picture galleries and commenting. With our module and product offering you can also bring different marketing actions, such as digital newsletter, as part of your campaign.

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Landing Site

Landing Site Tarja Röytiö The biggest advantages of the service are speed and ease. In the best case scenario, it only takes half an hour to create a new site without any html skills. Tarja Röytiö Marketing Designer, Kauppalehti

Landing sites are a great way of enhancing digital marketing and measuring the results systematically.  With LianaCMS you can realize stylish landing sites to support, for example, newsletters or search engine advertising. You can measure the functionality of your pages and compare them to each other - This way you are able to produce exactly the kind of content to your site that your target audience is interested in.

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Annual Report

Annual Report Niina Nevamäki Online annual report introduces the customers and personnel to a whole new way of reading the company's reporting. We are very pleased with the result. Niina Nevamäki Publicist, Destia

Alongside the printed version, more and more companies have started to invest also in online annual report. Annual report created with LianaCMS gives both the company and the creative partner the best possible platform to present the most important facts and figures. With the help of our versatile and scalable platform, annual reports can be published online with the desired layout and, at the same time, with technically working solutions.

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What our customers think

Inspired by the new opportunities that came along with the new publication system, LianaCMS, the planning of the site started from the user's world, i.e. from the solutions provided for the customers not forgetting the products. The new system gives us better possibilities to share pictures, videos and other content.
Seija Ijäs-Laamanen Marketing Manager, Nylund Group
Managing the mobile version with LianaCMS does not require any extra work from the editors since news, columns, blogs and editorials are automatically updated from the paper's website. Mobile brings the website to readers' mobile and other devices in a reader-friendly format.
Erkki Kostiainen Qualified Chemist, Editor-in-Chief, Association of Finnish Pharmacies

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