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Update and Manage Facebook Pages Effortlessly

Update and Manage Facebook Pages Effortlessly Jarkko Ranta Facebook is a great way of reaching consumer customers. With LianaCMS, your Facebook pages are in accordance with your corporate image and the content is easy to update. Jarkko Ranta Project Director, Liana Technologies

With LianaCMS you can easily manage Facebook pages. The significance of Facebook pages for the company's or community's operations vary a lot. However, almost irrespective of the field of business, what is in common is that being present in different channels and topical content are considered important. With LianaCMS Facebook you can build Facebook pages that are in accordance with your company's corporate image and are easy to update from the same admin view as the company's main website. By using the same platform, you save time and resources and, at the same time, make the company's SoMe implementation in a professional manner.

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Get Contacts – Involve and Activate

Get Contacts – Involve and Activate

In the past years, different parties have tried to use various earning methods in Facebook. For several parties, Facebook presence's main objective is to collect contacts and get them involved and activated. In LianaCMS Facebook it is easy to add the functionalities that serve these objectives, such as newsletter subscription, competition forms, votings or automatic news highlights and commenting. With LianaCMS Facebook implementation you can take advantage of the features that best suit your business with the desired layout and with a technically functional platform.

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Examples of Facebook Implementations

Facebook Page Case

Facebook Page Case Heidi Sarjanoja The biggest problem with the old site was the management: The old site was very difficult to update and therefore it was updated rarely. Heidi Sarjanoja Sales and Customer Relations Manager, Hotel Restaurant Lasaretti

Lasaretti wanted a website that would be easy to update and from where the customers would quickly find what they are looking for. During the project, Lasaretti also decided to renew their Facebook page where landing sites for different services were created.

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What our customers think

Our goal was to create our new company a fresh, minimalistic and at the same time modern website. We wanted to stand out from the others with a new and professional look but at the same time to create a site where information can quickly be found. The ease of updating was the most important criterion in choosing the platform.
Kim Lehtola KFS Finland Ltd.
Managing the mobile version with LianaCMS does not require any extra work from the editors since news, columns, blogs and editorials are automatically updated from the paper's website. Mobile brings the website to readers' mobile and other devices in a reader-friendly format.
Erkki Kostiainen Qualified Chemist, Editor-in-Chief, Association of Finnish Pharmacies

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