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1. Introduction

1. Introduction Elina Antila We built the website with a good team spirit according to the plan and timetable we had made for the project. Like in any other IT project, there were also challenges but we overcame them together. Moreover, we didn’t face any surprises with the budget. Elina Antila Head of Communications, FINE

The website is one of the most important channels for The Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureu (FINE) to reach consumers. Therefore, they wanted to be sure that their website is easy to use and professionally made. FINE researched the usability and visibility of their website from the point of view of consumers and important stakeholders. The research brought out essential information on development targets.

As a result, FINE wanted to start a digital makeover for their website. Their goal was to create a user-friendly website which would enable visitors to find the needed information easily and fast. They also wanted to invest in a fresh appearance. Moreover, it was important that the new website would be responsive which allows browsing on smartphones and tablets. Furhermore, the company aimed to digitalize their annual report to a full-online version. The company also wanted to create a digital contact form that would increase the effectivity of their activities.

2. Implementation

2. Implementation Miikka Luomi One of our goals is to listen carefully and treat all of our customers as individuals. After all, every customer relationship is unique and the objectives and challenges vary from one project to another. Miikka Luomi Customer Success Manager, Liana Technologies

FINE chose Liana Technologies to provide the needed tools. They wanted a partner who has the will and skills to develop the service together. It was also important for FINE to find a partner that already had an ongoing co-operation with advertising agencies.

LianaCMS is a versatile and easy to use tool for managing websites. With the help of LianaCMS, FINE was able to give the website a fresh look and build the website responsively. The website was designed together with an advertising agency. What is more, both a digitalized contact form and the first full-online annual report were created to support the new website. The website was build in a way that the visitors can easily navigate and browse throughout the site. Furthermore, the web page analytics that LianaCMS provides on the user interface, makes it easy to monitor the behavior of the visitors and reveal new points for development.

3. Outcome

3. Outcome Elina Antila Our expectations towards the project have been fulfilled well. Developing our own websites requires that we’re constantly awake and anticipating what the future brings. With the help of LianaCMS, we now have a better chance to respond to the upcoming challenges and develop the websites even further. Elina Antila Head of Communications, FINE

Results have been excellent. The website works as planned and it reaches consumers better than before. Navigation is also remarkably easier now. FINE’s digitalized parts, especially the annual report and the contact form, are up-to-date and support the company's brand image of professional and modern services.

FINE did a survey asking their stakeholders’ opinions about the new website. As a result, the stakeholders expressed their enthusiasm and satisfaction towards the new website. FINE received positive feedback especially about the appearance of the websites and the mobile scalability. Furthermore, a lot of people are now contacting the company through the newly digitalized contact form, which improves the effectiveness of the company's activities.

  • Mobile traffic has increased +20%
  • Digitalized contact form is soon to be 15% of all received contacts
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What our customers think

Managing the mobile version with LianaCMS does not require any extra work from the editors since news, columns, blogs and editorials are automatically updated from the paper's website. Mobile brings the website to readers' mobile and other devices in a reader-friendly format.
Erkki Kostiainen Qualified Chemist, Editor-in-Chief, Association of Finnish Pharmacies
Inspired by the new opportunities that came along with the new publication system, LianaCMS, the planning of the site started from the user's world, i.e. from the solutions provided for the customers not forgetting the products. The new system gives us better possibilities to share pictures, videos and other content.
Seija Ijäs-Laamanen Marketing Manager, Nylund Group

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