Destia Online Annual Report

1. Starting Point

1. Starting Point Johanna Otranen Liana Technologies was chosen as our partner since we already had co-operated for some time. We use LianaCMS also as the platform for our website and LianaMailer in our newsletter communication. Johanna Otranen Communications Manager, Destia

Destia published their first online annual report in 2012. Before this, they had carefully pondered the matter inside the company. Like many other companies, the publishing had before been conducted in print and online as a pdf file. This year, Destia decided for the first time ever to publish a full-scale online annual report and LianaCMS was chosen as the platform. Liana Technologies was the provider of their website and the experience of the co-operation was positive, which helped them in making the decision. Managing the annual report would thus be easy from the same platform as the website. 

2. Planning

2. Planning Lari Suomalainen With LianaCMS you can safely publish important documentation like the annual report. Online annual reports are asked for more and more frequently. Lari Suomalainen Global Head of Sales, Liana Technologies

Both the communications and the finance departments from Destia were involved in the design of the online annual report. In addition, there was also the advertising agency that took care of the layout and Liana Technologies that was responsible for the implementation. 

The aim of the first ever online annual report was that it would be a clear and customer-friendly entity that utilizes the internet's functions. This was achieved since the annual report brings not only to the customers but also to the personnel a whole new way of reading the company's reporting.

3. Implementation

3. Implementation Jussi Kuparinen LianaCMS as a platform adapts well to annual reports. What did not already exist, was developed during the project. Customer orientation is an essential part of our product development. Jussi Kuparinen Customer Success Director, Liana Technologies

In the implementation of the annual report, it was important to be able to smoothly input financial information to the platform and clearly display it on the site. The content targeted to different interest groups was to be easy to find and organize despite the vast amount of information. A so-called content cart was also added to make it easier for the interest groups to collect and print information important to them. In the implementation also the possibility to create rich content was made use of: There is for example a video, 'the CEO's review'.

4. Result

4. Result Jenni Järvinen Online annual report introduces the customers as well as the personnel to a completely new way of reading the company's reporting. We are very pleased with the result. Jenni Järvinen Communications Specialist, Destia

Online annual report introduces both the customers and personnel to a whole new way of reading the company's reporting. The information you are looking for is easily available. In addition, it is not a purchase that you use only once since an annual report created with LianaCMS can easily be renewed every year.

"We are very happy with the result. The site is a clear and a simple entity where the basic features work very well. Especially happy we are with our case display in our services section. With the map and list, the reader gets a comprehensive image of our operations." says Niina Nevamäki, the publicist of Destia.

Destia Annual Report

What our customers think

Already during the competitive bidding, Liana Technologies stood out with their straightforward touch. The site for the Kalevala Women's Association was freshened up and became more user-friendly. The current events and news module create a renewing and up-to-date atmosphere. The whole project had a good spirit. The case was handled creatively and with positive attitude. Special thanks for the personal customer service!
Sirpa Heikkinen Cultural Secretary, The Kalevala Women's Association
We are happy with the result. But we're just getting started in the internet's constantly developing world. Now that the groundwork has been done with LianaCMS, we have a great basis for further developing our site.
Mira Welling Brand Manager, Land Rover, Inchcape Motors Finland

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