Landing Sites for Kauppalehti

1. Starting Point

1. Starting Point Elina Kukkonen We chose Liana Technologies because they offered a suitable tool for analytics and campaigns, technical support and enough capacity for managing our landing sites. Elina Kukkonen Marketing Manager, Kauppalehti

In the beginning of 2013, Kauppalehti was lacking an efficient but easy-to-use marketing tool for digital campaigns. The supply of various providers was mapped and the key element was ease of use. It was important that a team consisting of several marketers could independently create the necessary campaign sites. Liana Technologies was chosen because they met the company's needs by offering a straightforward tool, vast analytics for campaign follow-up and enough capacity for managing campaign sites. 

Along with the project, Kauppalehti acquired LianaMailer email marketing tool and LianaCMS for publishing and managing landing pages. Both the newsletter and the landing sites also work in mobile devices.

2. Planning

2. Planning Pauliina Kaivola When the marketer can directly control the campaign sites, you do not need to find a subcontractor separately for each campaign site anymore. Pauliina Kaivola Sales Team Director, Kauppalehti

The objective of Kauppalehti's campaigns is selling content, both printed and digital. Landing sites are an essential part of the company's daily marketing and typically there are more than one active campaign at the same time. These campaigns are targeted to different groups and some of them last longer than others. A marketing campaign is almost always accompanied by a digital landing site to which users and potential customers are guided with banner advertising and digital newsletters.

In the landing site planning for Kauppalehti, it was very important to be able to easily build and manage parallel campaigns so that creating new sites on ready-made templates would be easy and fast. The layout of Kauppalehti's landing sites can easily be changed by changing pictures and texts.

3. Implementation

3. Implementation Ville Lehtoniemi Landing sites support newsletters and they are quick and easy to create. Well implemented landing site can improve the efficiency of a newsletter significantly. Ville Lehtoniemi Account Director, Liana Technologies

A landing site template that serves as a basis for several different campaigns was created by the side of Kauppalehti's newsletter. From the user's point of view, creating a new site is easy: The texts and pictures of the template can easily be modified to meet the needs of different campaigns and target groups. In the case of Kauppalehti, several different landing site templates were created at once. This is how they will be ready for those responsible for marketing. Landing sites quickly became an essential part of Kauppalehti's newsletter communication.  

4. Result

4. Result Elina Kukkonen The biggest advantages of the service are speed, ease of use and functioning customer support. At its best, the creation of a new campaign site takes only half an hour without any html skills. Elina Kukkonen Marketing Manager, Kauppalehti

Landing sites have become an important addition and boost to Kauppalehti's newsletter communication. Landing sites now are a natural continuation for newsletters: In the newsletter itself it is now possible to concentrate on guiding the subscriber to the landing site and from there to contacting or ordering. The analytics in the background provide a great opportunity to further develop the landing site.

According to Kauppalehti, LianaCMS's strengths are speed, ease of use and functioning customer support. The service provides everything you need for creating campaign sites and managing several campaigns at once.

What our customers think

Our goal was to create our new company a fresh, minimalistic and at the same time modern website. We wanted to stand out from the others with a new and professional look but at the same time to create a site where information can quickly be found. The ease of updating was the most important criterion in choosing the platform.
Kim Lehtola KFS Finland Ltd.
We are happy with the result. But we're just getting started in the internet's constantly developing world. Now that the groundwork has been done with LianaCMS, we have a great basis for further developing our site.
Mira Welling Brand Manager, Land Rover, Inchcape Motors Finland

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