Apteekkrari.fi E-Paper

1. Starting Point

1. Starting Point Erkki Kostiainen You learn to appreciate this kind of ease when you have experienced other kinds of online projects. Erkki Kostiainen Qualified Chemist, Editor-in-Chief, Association of Finnish Pharmacies

Apteekkarilehti needed a website that would better than before serve as a news channel for the paper. They wanted to create an online version of the printed paper that comes out once a month and is the first to tell news of the branch to its readers. Above all, they wanted to create a site that serves both the pharmacy professionals as well as other interest groups in the best possible way.

2. Planning

2. Planning Topi Kairenius The co-operation with Liana Technologies was smooth and even our most demanding requests were implemented quickly. Apteekkari.fi now works smoothly in mobile and LianaMailer completes the site as a genuine news service. Topi Kairenius Art Director, Elias Publishing Ltd.

The layout of the online paper had to be clear and a comprehensive archive was designed for the news. This enables the readers to later on browse through the archive and look at the stories they have read before. Comprehensive sharing features were also created to make it easy to share content. This is how interesting articles and news can swiftly be sent to a colleague, for example. The layout of the online paper created with LianaCMS was designed so that an HTML page can be used to automatically generate a graphic newsletter. This is how the content of the online paper and the important news become content of the LianaMailer newsletter with one single click. 

3. Implementation

3. Implementation Jussi Kuparinen This was a great project to be shared with our competent team. In many ways, it was not about a traditional online implementation but a process where the characteristics of printed publication world were brought online. Jussi Kuparinen Customer Success Director, Liana Technologies

Apteekkari.fi implementation shows that with intelligent implementation, the characteristics of printed publications can be brought online. With LianaCMS, you can create an online paper that serves both the need for quickly updating information and the browsing and reading habits of the internet user. Alongside apteekkari.fi online paper, a mobile version was also created to make sure that the reader always gets the optimal version for the device in use. Newsletter was also an important addition to the entity, with the help of which it is possible to attract readers to the online service and the important news reach as many people as quickly as possible.

4. Result

4. Result Erkki Kostiainen Managing the mobile version does not require any extra work from the editors: News, columns, blogs and editorials are automatically updated from the online paper. Erkki Kostiainen Qualified Chemist, Editor-in-Chief, Association of Finnish Pharmacies

Apteekkari.fi online paper, its mobile version and the newsletter form a functioning and dynamic entity that serves not only interest groups and pharmacy workers but also representatives of the media who are interested in the field. For the user, everything is fast and easy to manage: The content is simultaneously updated to the online paper, mobile version and newsletter.


What our customers think

Already during the competitive bidding, Liana Technologies stood out with their straightforward touch. The site for the Kalevala Women's Association was freshened up and became more user-friendly. The current events and news module create a renewing and up-to-date atmosphere. The whole project had a good spirit. The case was handled creatively and with positive attitude. Special thanks for the personal customer service!
Sirpa Heikkinen Cultural Secretary, The Kalevala Women's Association
We are happy with the result. But we're just getting started in the internet's constantly developing world. Now that the groundwork has been done with LianaCMS, we have a great basis for further developing our site.
Mira Welling Brand Manager, Land Rover, Inchcape Motors Finland

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