Technical Details

LianaCMS™ – Technical Details

Private Cloud environment: Dedicated Private Cloud Servers in multiple data centers around the world. Locations: Helsinki (FIN), Moscow (RUS), Hong Kong (CHI), Dubai (UAE), London (ENG), USA (TX), Paris (FRA) and Nurenberg (GER).
Product development: Based on Liana Technologies' own product development in Oulu, Finland.
Operating system: Debian GNU/Linux.
Programming language: PHP with latest security updates
Source code: Utilizes open source code components, core system is made by Liana Technologies' own product development. Different licensing models available.
Database: PostgreSQL private database for each customer.
Network connection: Dedicated 100Mbit / s network connection on standard package, backbone 1Gbit / s, authenticated and duplicated. CDN configurations available upon request.
Network security: Firewall protected, with active intrusion detection and monitoring. 24/7 @365 monitoring and protection against DDOS.
Power supply: Backup power supply secured with UPS and generator.
Backup: In-built versioning for instant data restore. Automatic backups every night, physically to a different location.
Access control: Yes, only with an escort.
Fault tracking and duty on call: 24/7 @ 365.
Security and protection: @ 365 surveillance and critical updates immediately if needed.
Customer data: Customer-specific dedicated database, access of other customers blocked. Files differentiated in the file system..
Domain names: Yes, 4x redundant in three different countries.
Standard SLA: 99%
SLA Pro Support™: 99.95%

Technical Features of the Content Management System: (open by clicking the header)

+Site management

  • User-friendly browser-based site management
  • Administration protected with personal password
  • Site updating either from management panel or directly from website view
  • Centralized management of several sites and language versions
  • User support (telephone, email, chat) is always included in the service

+Performance / Capacity

  • Servers' capacity optimized for content management system's special needs
  • Use of memory cache reduces time spent on generating content
  • Merging and packing resources automatically reduces communication and latency between browser and server

+Picture Processing

  • Support for CMYK and RGB pictures, conversions between file formats
  • Built-in picture size modification and cropping
  • Automatic optimization of pictures for mobile use
  • Mass-importation of pictures in, for example, ZIP files

+Editing Content

  • Easy-to-use wysiwyg-editor, with customer-specific style specification
  • Embedded flash and video files
  • Possibility to modify HTML code
  • Version control of edited content
  • Crisis communication tool for replacing website with a crisis message in an event of a crisis


  • Automatic tool for forms, information stored in database
  • Robot blocks in sending forms
  • HTML5 features available in designing forms
  • Export of information in forms to email or Excel
  • Email notification of new deliveries. Notification can also be sent to the sender of the form.


  • News management, attaching pictures and other rich content to news
  • Managing publication time: news are not visible before publication and after expiration time
  • Expiration time is not mandatory
  • Commenting possibility
  • RSS and ATOM imports


  • Defined product information management
  • Linking between products. Linking to news and other content also possible.
  • Products' launch times can be modified
  • Importing and exporting product information in Excel
  • Possibility to produce product catalogue in PDF format

+Multiple Languages

  • Content management system has been built to support multiple languages
  • Support for over 170 languages
  • Search engine optimization for different language versions
  • Naming content in different languages possible
  • Language versions for different contents. Language versions do not need to be 1:1 with each other
  • Site in different language can be in different web address and different country (for example, search engine optimization for Russia)

+Social Media

  • Vast support for services and sharing in social media
  • Support for most common social media services, Facebook and Twitter feeds etc.
  • Possibility for Facebook / Twitter / Google authentication in Extranet services
  • Possibility to maintain Facebook pages directly from content management system
  • Support also for foreign social media services, such as Vkontakte in Russia

+Search Engine-Friendliness

  • Vast support for search engine optimization, own SEO tool
  • Search engine-friendly addresses
  • Robots.txt management possibility
  • XML sitemap support
  • Automatic canonical metadata for content deduplication
  • Page-specific search engine optimization


  • Technical support and surveillance @ 365
  • SSL encrypted maintenance, possibility also for encrypted site
  • Paying attention to vulnerabilities in development phase, regular security audits to the system
  • Passwords not stored as clear-text passwords
  • Passwords are in database as salted passwords (64 bits) and also SHA1-encrypted
  • Apikey possibility for programmatic use; password does not need to be stored anywhere as clear-text password
  • Administrator rights can be limited from certain user groups

+Site Building

  • No limits to the HTML or CSS version used
  • Layouts can be reused
  • Automatic merging and packing of Javascript and CSS files reduces browser latency
  • Use of LESS-style specifications makes implementation of site's styles simple

+Vast Browser Support

  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Opera 10
  • Edge
  • Management does not need browser plug-ins


  • Controlled publication process
  • Versioning and editing history
  • Management of used resources


  • Vast content import and export possibilities
  • Integrated seamlessly with the tools of Liana product family
    • LianaMailer for sending newsletters
    • LianaCommerce for online sales
    • LianaCEM for customer information management and marketing automations
  • RSS information export and import
  • XML imports from most files
  • Programmatical management possible
  • Excel imports and exports
  • Use of external authentification service

*) The system is modular. Some of the features are modules with surcharge.

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Interested in LianaCMS?

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