Features of LianaCMS

Suitable Building Blocks for Each Project

Suitable Building Blocks for Each Project Jarkko Haapalainen Modular and customer-oriented development have made LianaCMS a handy and user-friendly tool. Jarkko Haapalainen Chief Technology Officer, Liana Technologies

LianaCMS's development is all about usability and customer orientation. This is why LianaCMS consists of modules from which the most suitable building blocks are chosen for each project. This way each implementation will result in an entity that corresponds exactly to the customer's needs and does not contain any unnecessary features. Due to its modularity, LianaCMS can be used for a small company's website as well as for a global corporation's vast multisites.

Features of LianaCMS

Page Management

Site management is one of the core features of LianaCMS and therefore it has been made as efficient and easy as possible. In the admin view, the users see all the sites they have rights to in the content management system. Subpages are indented below main pages forming a clear tree-structure.See pictureAsk more ›

File Management

File management, such as uploading and downloading of pictures and documents, is everyday life in site management. With LianaCMS you can manage files fast and conveniently with the platform's in-built tool. We also offer a possibility for protected files.
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Feedback, contact, and recruiting forms - all can swiftly be done with LianaCMS. The system's form tool is easy to use and it supports all commonly used form elements. If needed, you can embed the form in the other content on your page. 
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News Management

Publishing topical content on a website is important in terms of search engine visibility as well as of website image. For publishing news, it is essential that the technology has been designed in a way that it supports fast working and publishing. We have invested in this also in the LianaCMS news management tool.
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Product Management

Several companies have a need to store similar but versatile information, such as products and their features. This information needs to be shown in an impressive manner on the website and as a clear list in the admin view. In LianaCMS we have responded to this need with product management.
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Contact Information Management

Finding the right contact persons from the website can be an important part of the web service. Especially in extranet solutions, traditional field office contact information is often insufficient. With LianaCMS you can manage contact information details directly form the content management system's admin view: easily and systematically.
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LianaCMS meets also the needs of websites for different communities. With forums you can give the target group of the website means to talk to each other or with the admins of the website. In the forum, writing anonymously can be allowed or login can be required from each writer depending on the forum's function. 
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Media Bank

With LianaCMS you manage, maintain and share metafiles (pictures, videos, documents...) safely and easily. Media bank automatically produces preview versions of pictures. You can share media archives with specific user groups directly from the admin view.
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Picture Gallery

All LianaCMS versions include a media archive through which you can bring single pictures to your website. With picture gallery you expand your media bank's function to support saving of picture information, creating miniature pictures as well as creating picture versions that can be viewed with a browser.
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Managing Site Templates

In LianaCMS, the structure and content of the website have been separated. This makes it possible to update the content without messing up the structure and, on the other hand, update the structure so that it will be copied to all relevant places. 
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Managing Users

User rights and user group management is a basic feature in content management systems. All LianaCMS products include at least one admin name for the customer which is used for updating the website content. With user management it is possible to define page or section-specific user rights.
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Site Management

Managing several websites and web addresses in the same LianaCMS installation is possible. We have implemented a so called multi site setup for several customers through which the customer can update all websites in the same content management system with only one user name.
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Language Versions

Managing translations is crucial, especially in information released in web since the target group cannot be defined. You can often see bad translations in the web that make the website look unprofessional. This may happen even if the visitor understands the language of the original website.
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Visitor Statistics

Visitor statistics and analysis are an important part of developing online communication. LianaCMS seamlessly supports the best analyzing services on the market, for example Google Analytics and Snoobi. By knowing your website and its users, you create an important basis for decisions made in your company's sales and marketing departments.
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Managing Online Advertising

These days, websites include a lot of advertising. When used and targeted correctly, advertisements serve both the website administrator and visitor. When online advertising is managed well, you offer your website visitors valuable product and service information and, at the same time, increase your revenue.
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Intra and Extranet Implementations

Several intra and extranets have been produced with LianaCMS. LianaCMS is a powerful tool capable of producing services for thousands of users. User right management and content management is easy and straightforward. 
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Do you want interactive content to your website or do you have some online tool for your customers in mind? If you did not find the needed feature in this introduction, do not be discouraged! We have tailored and customized different features for several customers as part of the implementation of their website.
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Support and Customer Service

Even good software is not enough if the user is left alone. Liana Technologies' competent personnel will help and guide you along the way. Additionally, as our customer you will have access to our vast support site. 
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What our customers think

Managing the mobile version with LianaCMS does not require any extra work from the editors since news, columns, blogs and editorials are automatically updated from the paper's website. Mobile Apteekkari.fi brings the website to readers' mobile and other devices in a reader-friendly format.
Erkki Kostiainen Qualified Chemist, Editor-in-Chief, Association of Finnish Pharmacies
We are happy with the result. But we're just getting started in the internet's constantly developing world. Now that the groundwork has been done with LianaCMS, we have a great basis for further developing our site.
Mira Welling Brand Manager, Land Rover, Inchcape Motors Finland

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