Analytics-Driven Content Management


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We have integrated website analytics to the admin view for the content creator to use. In LianaCMS you can see with a single glance your website's most important analytics, such as your best and weakest pages, visits and visitors and the time spent on your website.

Preview Your Content with Different End Devices


different mobile and desktop previews.

Websites are nowadays read with various end devices and LianaCMS keeps up with the development. You can check the content you have created easily in desktop view and also in horizontal and vertical view for mobile devices. Reading the QR-code is a handy way of viewing your content in your own mobile device.

Centralized Management for All Your Sites

The user sometimes has several websites to manage, such as product pages, campaign sites or vast web services with different language versions. In LianaCMS, management of several sites is centralized, which makes managing vast site groups clear and handy.

Automatic Load Levelling

Most popular sites have over

100 000

visitors per hour.

It is desirable that there is a rush of visitors to a site from time to time. In that case, LianaCMS automatically levels the load and optimizes the site to handle visitor peaks without any problems.

Multilingual Content Management


different languages.

All content is easy to translate and localize into different languages. LianaCMS supports over 170 different languages - as search engine optimized. How often have you run into a system that supports Sami or Russian?

Search Engine Optimization Tools

Being at the top of a search list requires, among other things, high quality and working tools for content management. LianaCMS has a built-in search engine optimization tool that you can use to make keyword analyses or, for example, site publication redirections directly from content management. LianaCMS has been designed right from the start to take search engines into account, therefore you can trust the system to produce search engine friendly content. 

Picture Optimization


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All pictures imported into the system are optimized so that the file sizes are reduced. The system has built-in algorithms for JPG, PNG and GIF picture optimization. This considerably reduces downloading time.

Graphic Site Modification and Inline Editing

Edit your page in a view that gives realistic picture of the content's layout. You can browse your site and see how it will look when published and also edit the content at the same time.

What our customers think

Our goal was to create our new company a fresh, minimalistic and at the same time modern website. We wanted to stand out from the others with a new and professional look but at the same time to create a site where information can quickly be found. The ease of updating was the most important criterion in choosing the platform.
Kim Lehtola KFS Finland Ltd.
We are happy with the result. But we're just getting started in the internet's constantly developing world. Now that the groundwork has been done with LianaCMS, we have a great basis for further developing our site.
Mira Welling Brand Manager, Land Rover, Inchcape Motors Finland

Interested in LianaCMS?

Interested in LianaCMS?

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