Liana Technologies shortlisted in the prestigious European Business Awards competition

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Even in far-off Finland it is possible to create internationally competitive products with hard and determined work Even in far-off Finland it is possible to create internationally competitive products with hard and determined work

Liana Technologies has made its way to the shortlist in the prestigious European Business Awards competition. The company is one of the national finalists in the Customer Focus category, in which succeeding requires customer-focused products and services and high quality. The public can also get acquainted with the finalists and vote for their favorites in the next stage of the competition that started on the 6th of January. The company that gets the most votes in the public ballot will move on to the next stage of the competition and receives the title of the national champion.

Along with the other finalists’, Liana Technologies’ video can be viewed on the European Business Awards webpage The vote ends on the 24th of February 2015. In addition to the public vote, a professional panel of judges will choose Ruban d’Honneur winners across Europe.

 The success of Liana Technologies relies on high customer satisfaction rates and active product development. “It is very encouraging that our investment in customer satisfaction and innovative marketing and communications software arouses interest at such a high level in Europe. Even in far-off Finland it is possible to create internationally competitive products with hard and determined work”, CEO Samuli Tursas states. 

Strong internalization has, without a doubt, had its own effect on Liana Technologies’ success in the competition. In 2014, the company opened subsidiaries in Moscow, Dubai, Berlin and Paris. “We opened our Hong Kong office in December. Orders from Asia are pouring in, which communicates about a high demand for our products in China as well”, Tursas comments. 

European Business Awards is held for the 8th time and this year over 24 000 organizations from 33 European countries have been in the competition. “The public vote is an important part of the European Business Awards competition, because it is a chance for the companies to show their accomplishments and expertise for the European audience. Last year a staggering amount of 93 000 votes were cast. This year the shortlisted companies are truly successful and financially stable.  I encourage everyone to see the videos and vote”, European Business Awards CEO Adrian Tripp states. 



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