Liana Technologies fighting over National Champion status in the European Business Awards 2012/13. Public voting has been opened!

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Liana Technologies is a nominee in Customer Focus -category where success requires customer-centred products and services and high quality.

Earlier this year Liana Technologies was chosen as one of the national finalists in European Business Awards 2012/13 competition. The competition brings up innovations, know-how and practices of sucessful European companies. Liana Technologies is a nominee in Customer Focus -category where success requires customer-centred products and services and high quality. The competition has entered the second phase in which national champions will be chosen from the national finalists chosen earlier.

This year European Business Awards competition organizers are bringing in a new video element and a completely new public online voting for the first time. The company that receives most votes in the public voting will automatically proceed to the next phase and gets the national champion title. In addition to public voting, a jury of professionals choose a certain number of Finnish finalists as national champions.

Liana Technologies's video is available among other Finnish finalists on European Business Awards website. The voting ends on October 17th.!

See the finalists' videos and vote


Liana Technologies is the international brand of a Finnish software company, Koodiviidakko Oy.

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