Liana Technologies and Encode Solutions merge to create unique mobile solutions

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The majority of today’s digital activity takes place on mobile devices. We’ve also seen this as a rapid growth in the demand for services that utilize mobile technology.

Liana Technologies has acquired Encode Solutions to expand its already strong know-how in technology and R&D to include mobile technology. The new division is called Liana Mobile and its primary focus will be to provide customized mobile applications to customers while also developing new growth-focused services that fully utilize mobile technology.

“The majority of today’s digital activity takes place on mobile devices. We’ve also seen this as a rapid growth in the demand for services that utilize mobile technology”, says Liana Technologies’ CEO Samuli Tursas. “Thanks to the know-how of Encode Solutions we’re able to provide our customers with a wide array of mobile applications that work seamlessly with the rest of our digital marketing and PR tools”, Mr. Tursas continues.

Liana Technologies already provides tools for content management, email marketing, eCommerce, press release distribution, media monitoring and marketing automation. Liana Technologies has sales offices in six countries and thousands of corporate clients in over 30 countries around the world. Its research and development division is located at the company headquarters in Oulu, Finland.

The employees and customers of Encode Solutions will be transferred over to the Liana Mobile division. “This is a big step forward for our business. Becoming a part of the Liana family gives us fantastic opportunities to create new synergy between effective digital marketing solutions and mobile applications”, says the CEO of Encode Solutions Timo Hänninen.

Encode Solutions was founded in Finland in 2014 and it specializes in cross-platform mobile application development and IoT solutions. Encode won the 2015 Online Implementation of the Year award in Finland for the mobile application built for the media organization Basso.

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