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Katso kuva Annual reports went online An annual report published online is a new channel for distributing the report. A mobile-optimized online report ensures that the overall layout looks great on all end devices.

For many companies, annual report is the most important publication of the year. It is read by interest groups, such as investors, shareholders and representatives of the media as well as other important stakeholders. Alongside the traditional printed version, companies have come to realize the importance of a versatile and interactive online version of the annual report.

Why publish the annual report online?

  • Independent from time and place. Important interest groups can read the report when it best suits them.
  • Versatile presentation of the content. An online version makes it is possible to use various features, such as animations and video clips, to support the content.
  • Multi-channel. An annual report published online is a new channel for distributing the report. Rather than replacing the traditional reports it can also be used to support the previous channels of reporting. A mobile-optimized online report ensures that the overall layout looks great on all end devices.
  • Dynamic. Online annual report is dynamic: it can include for example graphs or display information according to search criteria defined by the reader.
  • Digital continuum. During the past years, a growing part of companies' communications has transferred online. While all of the communication and informing about the annual report already takes place online, it is merely logical and natural to take the report online as well.
  • Analytics. Unlike the more traditional channels, a digital one registers the readers. The company gets to see how many people have read the annual report and can analyze its readership. Those interested in the report leave behind browsing history, which can be used to analyze the success of the annual report and to further develop it.  
  • Interactivity. The reader can choose the most important and interesting bits and pieces for example by using the content cart or pdf-generations. It is also possible to involve readers, for example, by asking them for feedback or adding a poll or a vote on the site.
  • Ecological. An online annual report is an environmentally friendly option. However, online annual reports often do not completely replace the traditional channels of reporting but rather work as a supporting element.
  • Sharing and Word-of-Mouth. Social media can easily be made a part of the online annual report. Social media integrations encourage sharing and take the discussions to the readers.

Examples of online annual reports

Here are some examples of online annual reports published with LianaCMS:

Case Componenta: annual report online

Componenta published their first online annual report with LianaCMS. Taking the annual report online felt like a natural choice since most of the information needed by various interest groups is nowadays available online. In addition, it is called for that the information targeted to investors is easily accessible. Instead of just distributing a pdf-file, Componenta wanted to create the annual report in a way that would genuinely meet the needs of the reader in an online environment.

For the first online annual report ever, Componenta wanted to keep it simple and publish a report that is clear, easy to use and includes all the essential information of Componenta's past year. LianaCMS was chosen as the technical platform for the report. A creative partner, the communications agency Miltton took care of concept planning, report structure and graphic design as well as the overall image. They also coordinated the project between all parties involved.  

Componenta also decided to add a download library, which can be used for compiling a personalized annual report with the facts and figures that interest the reader. This personalized report can easily be printed out. The download library has also been made use of in Componenta's communications: It was used to create a compilation of the most important content in the annual report, which was distributed to the participants of the annual general meeting. 

View Componenta's report.

The feedback gotten from people involved in the annual report process is positive and the end result is acclaimed. Cooperation between different parties was flexible and all necessary modifications and corrections were dealt with quickly.Pirjo AarniovuoriManager, IR and External Communications, Componenta

Interested in creating an online annual report for yourself or for a client? Contact Liana's experts in digital communications or learn more about LianaCMS.

LianaCMS is a scaling content management system, on which it is possible to create not only basic websites but also many other things. It can be used for online annual reports, campaign sites, company presentations and many more - stay tuned, more on this later on!

Order your annual report with LianaCMS

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